Interconnected Meet 50+ Matters Panel Member Bob P.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story!”
Patti Digh

Connecting to another person, or group, can help us understand the reasons for being, decision making and shed light on how to connect. We aim to help you better understand the Canadian 50+ demographic. Here we will present to you profiles of 50plus Matters™ panel members. Their journey and their story compose a unique and diverse tapestry that is part of the Canadian 50+ demographic. Through Initiative 50+™ you can gain insights on how to better reach this dynamic target group.

Meet Bob P. from Edmonton, Alberta.

Bob describes himself as being friendly and kind every day and a man who deeply cares for his family.

He is a fun, outgoing gentleman with lots of things on his to do list and is tech-savvy to help him make informed decisions. Being in the 50+ age group hasn’t slowed him down at all.

An excerpt from our interview with Bob:

Are you a different shopper than you were 10-15 years ago? Yes. First I’m buying things for grandchildren, books, toys and clothing. I shop a lot of music and books online, and travel, some furnishing items online too. We (50+) are downsizing in some ways so it’s important to pick the most suitable product and avoid casting something downstairs soon after taking it home. I still enjoy going to a few stores to browse and even shopping for small gifts for grandchildren.

Do you look at email often?

Yes. Every day. Even with challenges, I love technology, and have 2 cell phones. One takes notes and the other texts nicely with my “Millennial Family”. It’s a way to keep up on news, and culture, what’s going on in our communities and occasionally what’s going on in places we might be traveling to. Social media, we’ve seen too often, can change quickly.

Do marketers get you?

Well, Apple, Starbucks, IKEA, and the old Timex watch seemed to get us. Other new companies can’t tell the difference between consumers with 5 years of adult living and 35 years of adult living. They use ‘millennial’ language I suppose to be cool and entertaining. But I’m buying something through a knowledge decision model. There is the ‘lost in translation’.

Why did you join the 50+ Matters panel?

Boomers and younger, we have always influenced our own future from the 70’s and 80’s onward. We are used to it. Moreover, life gets better when we have influenced our environment. Our population is growing and this growth isn’t going to stop for quite a while. Any marketer finding success now can literally, I think, bank on its future. That’s why I signed on to 50+Matters. Any way to speak to the other side of the ‘fence’ can help bring the right solution to the right need or problem. How long did it take seat belts, quitting smoking, to become popular? Well constant common sense talk over time against existing cultural thinking, eventually prevails, as for using seat belts and quitting smoking.

Do you think this group can make a difference? Yes, of course. Like above “Boomers and younger, we have always influenced our own future from the 70’s and 80’s onward. We are used to it, expect it. But today our money is the voice, and we know how to use it, nor have the luxury to waste it.

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