Interconnected: Meet 50+ Matters Panel Member Brenda L.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story!”

~Patti Digh


Connecting to another person, or group, can help us understand the reasons for being, decision making and shed light on how to connect. We aim to help you better understand the Canadian 50+ demographic. Here we will present to you profiles of 50plus Matters™ panel members. Their journey and their story compose a unique and diverse tapestry that is part of the Canadian 50+ demographic. Through Initiative 50+™ you can gain insights on how to better reach this dynamic target group.

Meet Brenda L. from Innisfil, Ontario.

Brenda describes herself as a Mom and Grandmother with a disability that doesn’t slow her down or stop her from accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. She works part-time as a trainer for a catalogue retailer and runs a small balloon and gift business from her home.

An excerpt from our interview with Brenda:

Do marketers get you?

Yes and no, I think they understand what we want or need, but I feel they are treating us like our parents or grandparents instead of meeting up with the changes that have inspired us not to be old before our time. For example: if I am out shopping for clothing I usually have 2 options. The first option is the comfortable clothing that my parents would wear. The second option is the uncomfortable clothing that my daughter would wear. The advertising in the flyers and in-store perpetuates this idea that you are young or old. What about us the vibrant, energetic and young at heart?

If you could tell a Brand/Product what they don’t understand about you, what would it be?

That we are still young at heart and would like products to reflect this.  I am not a senior yet but I am not in my thirties.  It seems like they have forgotten the 50+ age group. Take furniture, do you know how difficult it is to find a chair that is not too low to the ground or a bed that you have to jump up to get into?

How should companies approach the 50+ market?

Companies need to realize that we are the group that can help their businesses grow. We are at a point where we are more brand loyal and care about quality. I might not be an impulse shopper but know what I want and make purchases based on wants and needs. I no longer have to shop for “needs” only. I am a more informed shopper than years ago, and want to be treated as an asset to each company that I support.

Why did you join the 50+ Matters panel?

I want to make sure that I am not being treated as “old”. Changing how brands and marketers think of me is paramount. I remember, as a child, helping my grandmother clean her house. At the time, I thought she was really old, maybe even 80. Looking back now, I realize she was in her 60’s. We are so different today than the previous generations and I want to make sure that we are recognized for being the energetic, well informed group that we are. The only way to get this perception changed is to have a voice and 50plus Matters™ gives me that voice.
I wanted to find a source that would tackle some of the issues and changes that I face now or may face heading into my senior years. These things could be things that your friends do not want to talk about just as your parents and grandparents did not talk about with us either. I like that I have found an outlet that shows me that I am not alone in tackling the issues. The articles and fun facts from 50plus Matters™ on Facebook are keeping me informed and providing a few chuckles along the way.

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