These barriers that you negotiated to protect your business might not be as strong as you believe.



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Because the Health Service Provider’s procurement process is well established!

Commix will show you how to LEAD the process and elevate your success in 3 Key Performance areas...

Customer Communication

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Sales Force Effectiveness

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Is it clear why customers are choosing your brand? Is it clear how potential customers see your brand in a crowded marketplace?

Commix has the industry insight and reach to elevate the power of your brands!

Enhance Your Communication Effort through the Services We Offer

  • Customer Value Proposition Design
  • Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning Strategy
  • Customer Influence Mapping
  • Customer Value Based Pricing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Customer Profile Database
  • Patient Pathway Analysis
  • Marketing Material & Collateral

Bid Management

Chances are - like many of your competitors - your bid opportunities have grown to represent between 70-80% of your business portfolio. This creates potential risk year-over-year!

Commix innovation will help you break through the barriers that block your success, leading to winning proposals!

Reduce Your Risk through the Services We Offer

  • Bid Process Management
  • Proposal Design
  • RFP Audits
  • Clinical / Non-Clinical Stakeholder Mapping
  • Patient Pathway Analysis
  • Device Onboarding & Supply Chain Readiness Strategy

Sales Force

Like many of the organizations we work with, your team probably spends most of its time managing those stakeholders who can easily say “no” versus the stakeholders who regularly say “yes”.

Commix will help your team broaden their effectiveness, increasing productivity and performance!

Change the Dialogue through the Services We Offer

  • Hospital Focus
    • Behaviour Insight
    • Access Strategy
  • Value Analysis Team (VAT) Strategy
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Playbooks

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